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What Is Glow Paint? A more informative name is Glow In The Dark paint. Glow Paint is a paint that will glow in the dark, after being exposed to a Bright light source. It is made from a special Paint base and Photo luminescent Powder (Glow In The Dark Pigments). Learn about Glow In The Dark Pigments and their special abilities and uses here.

Learn The Difference Between Glow In The Dark And UV Black light Reactive Products. In This article I  will endeavor to give as much information on the subject of Ultra Violet black light products, their uses in home and industry, and how they are different from Glow in the Dark Products. Click here to learn the differences 

Glow In The Dark Fishing. So why use glow in the dark products when Fishing? The answer is, for many reasons. Glow in the Dark Products can be used in the following applications Make glow in the dark lures to attract fish learn about Glow In The Dark Fishing here

Creating A Brighter Future. Since cave men walked this earth, we have continued to find ways to light up our surrounds. Cavemen used fires for comfort and to ward off predatory animals. Today we use light for many purposes, from making our streets safe to walk and drive at night, to underground coal miners using lights in their hard hats so they can navigate safely 200 feet below the earth’s surface. Light has also been used to attract and lure annoying insects so they can be eliminated by electrocution. Learn more about creating a brighter future here

Glow In The Dark Parties Explained Glow In The Dark parties - UV Parties - Fluro Party - Neon Party. All around the world people and businesses are staging Glow In The Dark parties. A number of Bands and singers have also used UV reactive Glow in the dark Party Paint in the music videos. So What is a glow in the dark party? Learn here

Electroluminescent Products Index. Electroluminescent Products Who What When Where And Why. If you are interested in learning about all the different types of Electroluminescent products available, this series of articles should be of value to you. We will update current articles as well as add new articles, that will enhance the information provided here for you to absorb. Learn About EL products here.

Body Paint If you want to learn all about Body Paint, view this article. What is Body paint? Is it the same as Face paint? Where can I buy good quality Body paint? Your answers are below. Body Paint is a Paint you apply to your body, but can also be applied to your face etc. Learn about the good and bad of body paint here.

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