BlackLights And Torches

Black Lights And UV Torches Have Many Applications

Black lights torches are used all around the world every day by millions of people in just about every industry. You may have also seen black light torches used in some crime series TV shows and movies. UV black light touches are used by both industry professional and consumers.


Image: A UV Blacklight Torch is used to light up these UV (Ultra Violet) reactive Paints

Normally black light touches that produce harmful wavelengths are not available for sale to the general public in Australia. 

Black light are used by doctors to check for ringworms in humans. The ringworms extranets fluoresces green under UV black light.

Security guards at venues and night clubs use black lights torches to help authenticate driver’s licences and ID cards.


Image: A UV Black Light Torch is used to discover stains in a laundry sink

Cleaners use black light torches to check for urine stains that have been left by animals mostly cats, dogs and rodents.

Art dealers and auction houses use black lights to check the quality and for fraud on old and antique items.

Some insect breeders use black lights to help find scorpions that fluoresces blue under uv black light.

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