Instant Snow

Instant Snow

A New Range Of Artificial Snow

Just Pour the powder into a bucket; add water and mix. Presto; you have instant snow.

Several types of snow

We are developing a whole range of Instant snow, for a whole range of uses.

They have been specially formulated by us at Glow paint Industries and you will find most if not all have never been seen before.

Neon Instant snow is only the first type of snow we will be offering for both retail and wholesale distribution.

neon artificial snow colors in daylight

Above image: Neon Instant Snow colours


 Instant snow when exposed to a black light

above: Instant Artificial snow when exposed to a black light

Benefits Of Buying Our Instant Snow In A Powder Mix
You will save on shipping cost as you will supply the water
You will also save money because you will be performing the labour.
If the snow becomes dehydrated just add more water to re hydrate the snow

Some uses for Instant Snow

Christmas decorations, Christmas Plays, Television, Music videos, Home parties, Night clubs, arts and crafts.

Icey Cold Snow

To make icey cold snow, place the required water to make the snow in your Refrigerator a few hours before needed. 

Available For shipment worldwide.

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