About Our Site

Glow Paint Industries Australia is a family business created in March 2006.

The business is a virtual business, as opposed to a bricks and mortar store. As we ship our products worldwide we do not have a use for a bricks and mortar store, so it is run from an office and warehouse in Hervey bay in south East Queensland Australia.

While studying at TAFE for a Diploma in Marketing, Paul (the manager - owner) had to write an assignment on researching a viable product.

Having a fascination for Glow In The Dark Products, and chemistry, since childhood, he conducted his research on Glow in the Dark Products.

Realizing there was a market ready to buy, special glow products from a business whom had creative thinking, and a lust - passion for all things Glow In The Dark, he started the business.

Jason is the business jack of all trades go to person. He is the ideas man and chief product researcher.

Matt's duties are varied.

Over the years, the product range increased, as we researched what our web site visitors and customers wanted.

In late December 2009 we have started to build and use a data based driven eCommerce website, to help manage our ever increasing range of goods.

In February 2012 we moved the business from the Entrance in New South Wales to Gympie in South East Queensland.

We spend many hours per week, and thousands of dollars each year, researching and learning how to give our customers and visitors the best and most beneficial products available for their needs and wants,

Our past and present customers include universities movie sets technical colleges schools TV shows CSRIO hospitals local state and federal government departments resorts night clubs and 1,001 other business and social entities.

We don't just sell our products to business and consumers we also offer the best advise.

We can offer the best advise because of the following reasons

1- We manufacture most of our most popular products for example invisible security ink and Face and Body Paint.

2- Many of the products we offer for sale were introduced by us into Australia after a lot of research. We then have had many other businesses after viewing these products on our website decide to also sell them. but they don't have the background knowledge needed to be considered a niche guru.

Glow in the dark products have near infinite uses, and new uses, are being discovered every day, believe it, or you may be living in the dark.