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What is Body paint?

Body Paint is a Paint you apply to your body, but can also be applied to your face etc.

YES it is the same as Face Paint and it has the same benefits and problems.

There are a number of types of this Paint including, Metallic, UV Glow, normal, Pearl, Photo luminescent, and special effect paints like fake blood.

1 Litre pails Used by Night clubs for painting faces and bodies

Above image: Face and Body Paints made by Glow Paint Industries

Qualities of a good all round Paint

A quality paint should not contain dangerous chemical ingredients. This includes chemicals that some people we have allergic reactions to.

It should be made for the purpose you intend using it for. 

It should be easily removed, using soap and water, preferably just water.

It should resist cracking and sweat. A way to overcome this problem is to use special waxes.

It should be flexible as many parts of the human body bend, stretch and twist, so a Body Paint should allow a reasonable amount of movement including stretching.

Our new UV Blue wax based body paint on a hand

Above image: Think about the amount of bending and stretching the Paint will have to endure On a hand 

Where can I buy good quality Body paints?

This depends on the quality of the Paint you want. Many stores sell face and body paint both online and bricks and mortar stores. $2 shops are a nice easy place to buy poor quality Paints. Many art shops sell body paints that crack dry because they set hard like mud. We recommend looking for body paints that are flexible for example latex based (we have not tried these type of paints as yet)and wax based body paint.

We make our face and body paints using a flexible soft wax base, because it has many advantages over other body Paint brands.

A warning about Cheap Brands.

You can buy these from $2 shops but normally they are inferior in performance, or do not work at all. Remember you get what you pay for.

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Written by Paul Housego

Paul The Manager Of GPI

Glow Paint Industries

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