How To Build A Quadcopter

How To Build A Quadcopter

Have you discovered the pleasure of flying Quadcopters?

Would you like to build your own Quadcopter?

A quadcopter definition

A very quick definition of a a quadcopter is a Helicopter with 4 Propellers.

Quadcopter with camera

Above image: Quadcopter with on board video camera

What People Do With Their Quadcopters

  • Fly Them for fun
  • Race them against other Quadcopters
  • Film and Take ariel shots of things of interest.

I use my quadcopter for fun and to take video and Photographs of Australia Fauna and Flora as well as other interesting things.

An offer to good to refuse for interested parties

Below you will find a quick poll asking if you are interested in building a quadcopter and if you would like me to provide you with detailed instructions on how the build you own quadcopter.

It will show you

how to find and buy the needed Parts

how to assemble the Quadcopter

How to upload software to to Quadcopter

How to do a Pre first Test

Learn to to fly your new Quadcopter

The tutorials will be in both video and text formats

My facination with all things that fly - A personal story

I was born in Gladesville in Sydney many years ago.

Our house was in the flight path of large aircraft taking off and landing at Sydney airport.

I often watched the Planes from my backyard flying overhead.

Learning To Fly

In 2010 I started to learn to fly a small Plane at Warnervale airport just north of Sydney.

Quadcopter frame made of carbon fibre

Above image - A Quadcopter frame made of carbon fibre to reduce weight while retaining strength.

If you would like to order spare parts for your existing Quadcopter click here

If you need a Micro DS Card for your Quadcopter camera click here. Be sure to choose Type 10 as they have the fastest video data transfer rate.

If you already own a Quadcopter or other RC vechile you may be intersted in using it at night. If yes then watch the video below.

Above video: Add lights to your Quadcopter for night flying.

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