UV Torch

UV Torch

UV Torch For Sale

51 led uv torch powered on

We have a great range of UV Torches for sale.

We also have the knowledge that goes with selling these gems to business and households.

Another name for a UV Torch is Blacklight torch or Black light.

These UV Torches have a wave length between 365nm and 400nm.

365 - 370nm is the ideal wavelength for checking fluorescence.

365 - 370nm torches are normally more expensive as they use special UV chips that produce the best wavelength.

Some UV torches use Purple LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to create a wavelength of around 395 - 400nm. They are good for around the house but not great for most business uses. They also generally have a plastic lens, unlike the better quality 365nm - 370nm Torches.

Purple LED Torches normally produce a Purple light effect on the surface they hit, which can be a bit annoying.

I personally do not like this extreme Purple colour.

A UV Torch Has Many Uses

  • use to check for urine stains
  • use to check for stains on light coloured clothing
  • checking for leaking Pipes etc.
  • Check for ring worn in humans and animals
  • check condition of skin
  • check security markings
  • check uranium glass
  • checking fir counterfeit bank notes
  • Use to make visible, Invisible Security Ink
  • and many more uses
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