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Glow in the dark and blacklight tutorials

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This is the main index page for our ever increasing list of tutorials and craft ideas. They are currently being updated every month as new information becomes available.

Glow in the Dark Arts and Crafts


How to use Glow in the Dark Pigments and Paints


View the tutorial here


Glow in the Dark Christmas Decorations - an introduction


 Click here to view Our glow in the dark Christmass decorations tutorial


Glow in the Dark Halloween


 View Glow in the dark halloween Tutorial here


Glow in the Dark Polyester Resin craft ideas


 Read more here


Many More Glow In The Dark and UV Black Light Tutorials Coming Soon....

Did you know?

Glow in the dark pigments have near infinite uses, and new and exciting ways of using them, are being descovered every day.

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