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Glow In The Dark Parties Explained

Glow In The Dark parties - UV Parties - Fluro Party - Neon Party


  Above image: Having fun at a Glow In The dark Birthday Party

All around the world people and businesses are staging Glow In The Dark parties.
A number of Bands and singers have also used UV reactive Glow in the dark Party Paint in the music videos.

So What is a glow in the dark party?

A glow in the dark party is a event where the participants wear special Face and body paint that is illuminated by special lights called UV Black lights. These uv black lights emit a special wave length of light that makes these Paints illuminate. At these Glow Parties there can also be posters Painted with UV Glow Paint, glow sticks, participants wearing uv reactive clothes, and many other glow products.

UV Black lights have been used in night clubs for decades now, and you may have seen them if you have visited a night club and seen someone wearing white that really stands out.
UV Black Light tubes were used in the seventies to bring to life UV posters, of creatures and other surreal images.

Other Names For Glow In The Dark Parties    

Neon Paint Party - UV Paint Party - Fluro Paint Party are just a few of the names for this spectacular Parties.


So what do you need to stage a Glow In The Dark Party?

•    UV Glow face and body paint. These UV Light reactive Face and body paints will illuminate when exposed to a UV Light source, while everything around them will remain dark and uninteresting.  Our own brand is made in Australia by us, and is available in nine UV reactive colours. As a general rule for every 100 people at the party you will need 1.5 litres of this paint.
UV Glow face and body paint is available thru us, in nine very bright UV reactive colours. We are the only Australian manufacturer of these paints that sell to the general public. Our Paints are non toxic. not flammable, and safe for use on skin.
Unlike other UV reactive paints that easily crack and look like dried mud, our UV Glow face and body paints are designed to be more flexible. Our Paints are also designed to produce the best UV glow intensity.
The colours are UV Blue, UV Green, UV Lime, UV Magenta, UV Orange, UV Pink, UV Red, UV Violet, and UV Yellow 

•    UV Glow Paint For Posters. Ten different colours are available; colours are the same as the UV Glow face And Body Paint Range plus UV White

•    UV Reactive Screen ink for clothing.

•    UV black lights; These lights are one of the most important items you need for the party.  If the Party is held in a large area, you can either hire or purchase a large UV Black Light. We highly recommend 400 Watt UV cannons. If your party is in a smaller area, you may be able to uses UV Black light fluorescent tubes, or UV Fluorescent Party lights. You can purchase these at Woolworths super markets, and Bunnings Warehouse hardware stores. At under $20 a piece they are good value.

•    Glow Sticks

•    Invisible ink Pens for hidden messages

•    UV Reactive clothing, although not necessary, will add more spice to the Glow party. White clothes are reactive to UV Light so ask your guests to if possible wear white clothing. Also as these paints may stain some clothes you should ask your guests to wear old clothes.

Why isn't Photo luminescent Paints used?

•    Luminescent face and body paint needs total darkness to work efficiently, but total darkness can create a dangerous environment and some one could be injured by tripping or walking into doors walls or furniture.
•    Luminescent face and body paint has a very limited glow colour range of colours.
•    Luminescent face and body paint dries like hard and will crack easily and then look like cracked dry mud.
•    is expensive to manufacture
•    looses glow intensity very quickly


Would you like to see some photos or videos of people having fun at UV Glow In The Dark Parties?

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We recommend that you go to our Glow in the Dark Party Check list page and print it out as this will help make sure your Glow In The dark party is a raging success.  click here to go to the check list