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New ElectronicProjects I will build

Posted by Paul Housego - Glow Paint Industies on


Most of the Electronics parts I need have now arrived, so I am busy sorting them and seeing how to use them.

If you ever want good ideas for electronic Projects Youtube have plenty of Projects to wet your appetite.

My best guess is that some of the projects I show here and on the main website will inspire others to make the same Electronic Projects so I have ordered extra components in to offer them for sale.

I will possibly start offering Project kits for the Projects I make.

Some of the Electronic Projects I intend to make are

- A LED Light ring that mounts on my camera has contains 20 x 10watt white light LEDS

- An LED Light system for use when filming videos. It;s brightness can be easily adjusted.

- A quad copter or drone using raspberry Pi and my smart phone to control it. .

- A midi controller for making unique musical sounds.

- Various items for use when playing my electric Guitar

- An extremely bright handheld LED light that will turn night time into daylight in my backyard.

- 3D Printer not really a electronics Project but will be needed to make some of the Projects

- Software and hardware controllers for special Effects with Electroluminescent and LED strip lights.

All the best until next post.


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