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Glow Paint

What Is Glow Paint

A more informative name is Glow In The Dark paint
Glow Paint is a paint that will glow in the dark, after being exposed to a Bright light source.

How is Glow Paint Made

It is made from a special Paint base and Photo luminescent Powder (Glow In The Dark Pigments).

What Makes This Paint Glow

The Glow In The Dark Pigments absorb light energy, and store it, and when the paint is placed in a dark location the glow pigment release the stored light energy as an after glow.

Technical Information

Glow Paint can glow 12 hours or more.
Glow Paint normally has a bland day colour appearance.
Some Glow Paints Glow Stronger than others.
There a different colours of after glow available, for example - Green - Aqua - and Blue
Glow Paint will glow many tens of thousands of times.
As the Glow Pigments in these Paints are not soluble, the Glow Paint will need to be stirred every few minutes when applying them,
Glow Paint will glow brightly at first but over time, the glow will decrease in intensity.
These Paints are not suitable for all applications.
After a while Street Lights or a Full MOON, will be stronger than the After Glow, and the glow effect will not be seen.

We hope you have found this article interesting and informative.

Some of the information will certainly stop some people from buying these glow paints, but this is a good thing as we do not want our customers buying products that are not suited to the desired use.

Be informed and make the right decisions...