Glow In The Dark Pigments

Glow In The Dark Pigments

Glows In The Dark, day after day, year after year after year... 

These Glow In The Dark Pigments are the basic ingredient for most Glow in the Dark products. They are used by consumers and businesses to make craft projects, make safer work and home environments, fishing widgets. and for hundreds of other extremely useful projects.

They are non toxic and environmentally friendly, and can help to reduce electricity consumption. In and around the home, they can also create the "WOW" experience.

We use the best quality Strontium Aluminate which is 10 times brighter and has 10 times longer glow effect than it's predecessor Zinc Sulfide.

Our Glow Powders are more resistant to water compared to the cheaper but lower performing Zinc Sulfide

Here's a few suggestions, that others have implemented;

* Glow in the Dark Parties

* Glow in the Dark clothing

* Glow in the Dark Landscaping

* Glow in the dark waterfalls and rockeries

* Glow in the Dark Halloween and Christmas

We proudly state that glow in the dark products have near infinite uses, and their full potential is limited by our own imaginations. What glow project can you make that will have others say "WOW' that's spectacular; How can I get one of these?

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