Face And Body Paint

Face And Body Paint

Non Toxic, Easy Application and Removal

Glow Paint Industries Face and Body paint is made in Australia using cosmetic grade ingredients, so our customers can rest assured that zero dangerous chemicals or powders have been added.

UV Face and Body Paint being used at a Glow Party In a Night Club

Above image: Glow Paint Industries Face and Body Paint being used at a Glow Party In a Night Club

These Face n Body Paints were designed for use for both Adults and Children and Conforms to AUS/NZ 8124.3 and CE EN-71 Australian and New Zealand Standards. So whether you are going night clubbing or going to support and cheer on your favourite sports team we have all the colours you could possibly need.

Differant Face and Body Paint Types For Differant Situations

We are introducing new types of these Paints to our ever growing range. We have stopped selling 3rd Party Paint, so we could make a better range of these specialty Paints.

Face and Body Paint Types


UV face and Body Paint on Guest at Fluro Glow Party

Image above: UV face and Body Paints on Guest at Fluro Party

Why choose our range?

  • Non toxic
  • not flamable
  • Made in Australia
  • Cosmetic grade ingredients
  • Resistant to cracking and peeling (no added fillers)
  • Used by over 100 night clubs around Australia
  • We export Our unique paint around the world 

A warning Note: Some manufacturers Of Face and Body Paints (including some Australian manufacturers) add ingredients like fillers, (to make paint cheaper to produce, and diminish quality) and Artificial Urea (artificial urine). 

We assure you we do not add these ingredients. 

Before buying any cosmetics always read the ingredients listed on package if available.

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