Invisible Face and Body Paint

Invisible Face and Body Paint

A Unique Safe to use Face Body Paint Made In Australia

Available Now

These 21st century Face and Body Paints are made using our Flexible Wax Technology and special Blacklight reactive colours.

When applied to your skin and allowed to dry, they appear invisible. Shine a Blacklight on the Invisible Face and Body Paint and it will appear. Turn off the Black Light and they will be unseen again.

A few scenarios

You want to go to your local night club or with uv face and body paint all over your face and or your arms, but you don’t want it to be seen on the way to the event; or you are pretty good at paint fine body tattoos and want them only seen at the event.

Important: These unique Paints Need a Black light to make the invisible Face Body Paint appear.

Available Invisible colours are;

  • Invisible Blue

More colours will become available for purchase over time.

  • Non toxic

  • Made in Australia

  • Flexible wax Formula

  • Remove with soap and water

  • No dangerous chemicals used

Use invisible Face Body Paint at

  • Night clubs

  • Home Fluoro Black light Parties

  • fluoro fun runs

Available in 250ml - 1 Litre - 4 Litre - 11 Litre and 20 litre containers

Wholesale and bulk worldwide orders welcome.

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