Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink Is Not Seen Until Exposed To A UV Light Source

Invisible Ink For Home or Business

 Invisible ink exposed to UV light and normal appearence

Invisible Ink Explained

Invisible ink is transparent Clear and cannot normally be seen in normal Light. This special purpose ink is revealed when exposed to a UV Black Light wavelength of 365nm to 405nm.

So in other words it is invisible until a UV Black light is switched on.

This isn't grape lemon juice or other diy experimental ink.

This is true invisible ink that is only visible when a UV Black Light exposes it.

It is made for indoor use only. If you need to use this ink outdoors then it must be used in a sheltered location out of the sun and out of wet weather. Outdoor use should be for a limited time only. Phone us for more detailed information.


  • Invisible until exposed by a uv black light
  • Suitable for most indoor surfaces
  • Made in Australia by us
  • Water based to allow quick drying time
  • May be used as a invisible security ink

Using Invisible Inks

Invisible ink can be used on documents, stamp pads, for security markings on property, hidden UV invisible artwork and many industrial applications.

The best surfaces for application are porous surfaces like Paper wood, cardboard and cotton.

Great for writing secret messages.

So what could you write in a secret message? "I love you". Or maybe "Will you marry me".

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