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Glow In The Dark Fishing

So why use glow in the dark products when Fishing?

The answer is, for many reasons. 

Glow in the Dark Products can be used in the following applications

Make glow in the dark lures to attract fish

Paint your fishing gear so it can be found easier in the dark

Paint your fishing rod, so it can be seen easier in dark conditions

If you want to try using a float, when fishing at night, use glow in the dark paint on the float

If your fishing at night from a boat, the boat will be seen easier by other water craft if painted in glow in the dark paint. This is a really sensible thing to do if you fish from a boat in a busy waterway, for example Sydney Harbour.

A glow tip from a fellow fisherman

A few weeks ago a keen fisherman from the Gold Coast explained to me over the phone, what he had discovered with using glow in the dark products while fishing.

He stated he believed it was expensive and a waste of money to use glow sticks as visual aids while fishing at night.

To help him see the end of his rod in the dark he did the following to his fishing rods to make them easily seen in the dark.

  1. Over a sheet of A4 paper he painted the end of his rod with clear nail polish.
  2. Before the clear nail polish hardened, he then sprinkled our strongest green glow in the dark pigment - powder over the drying nail polish.
  3. When the nail polish dried he then applied another coat of clear nail polish to the rod to help protect the glow in the dark pigments.

He said that even though the pigments were not cheap, they were a good investment over time.

He purchased a 200g bag, and guessed he used about 5 - 10 grams each rod, so he wont need to buy more glow pigments for many years to come.

To recharge the glow pigments if they become to dull he would shine his torch on the rod end for 30 seconds. 

Latest News - Many fishermen have told us that fish just like insects etc can see and are attracted to ultra violet light colours. So they are painting their lures with our special UV reactive black light powders mixed into resins etc  To view our UV reactive black light powder click here


Image: Green UV Black Light Powder 

Invisible Inks For Fishing (13th June 2014)


Above image: Invisble Ink exposed to a black light is revealed

There has been growing interest in Invisible Inks lately. These inks are normally used for security applications and only become visible when a black light is directed at them.

As stated above, fish can see and are attracted to UV reactive colours without a black light source, so these inks are ideal for fishing applications. We do have a few colours in stock,, but can offer up to 11 UV reactive invisible colours. The following colours can be supplied if needed; Black, Blue, Grey, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, White, Yellow.

View our invisible inks here

If you are after a particular colour which we do not stock please advise us and we will have it made up if enough interest is shown.


If you want to share any good glow in the dark fishing tips and discoveries please email us, so we can show others your ideas


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