UV Glow Face And Body Paint

UV Glow Face And Body Paint

Non Toxic, Easy Application And Removal Formula


Above image: UV Glow Face And Body Paint

Simply The Best Face and Body Paint available

These Paints are a new non toxic range that has been developed by Glow Paint Industries Australia, because customers wanted better quality Face and Body Paint than the existing brands available. Our UV Glow Face and Body Paint uses Flexible wax technology for easy application, minimal tearing and cracking and the best possible UV Glow Effect.

How can we offer such low prices?

Being the manufacturer of these UV Paints and selling direct to the Public, we cut out the middle man and pass on the lower Price to you. Because we use best quality cosmetic grade ingredients, they are more expensive to manufacture, but because we sell direct to the Public we can offer them at a competitive price.

UV Face and Body Paint used at night club

Above image: Staff and Patrons having fun at a UV Glow Party at a Night club.

XLR8ED Entertainment UV (Fluro) Glow Paint party.  If you are interested in having them host your UV paint party phone them on 1300xlr8ed

This range is wax based and is brightly coloured in normal light conditions but when exposed to a black light these paints light up and illuminate.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is not visible to humans. Fluro paints absorb ultraviolet light and then re-emits the visible wavelength that we see as fluorescence.

Fluorescent (Fluro) paints do not work in the same way as glow in the dark (photoluminescent) Paint. Glow in the dark paints absorbs light that is produced by artificial or natural light sources for instance: Fluorescent white light or sun light. The glow pigment in the paint absorbs the emited light and then when in darkness discharges and glows over an extended period of time.

The problem with glow pigments is that they start to lose their glow effect as soon as they start to discharge (Glowing). Glow pigments also require a very long time to charge. Our opinion is that fluro paints work much more effectively under black light.

Here at Glow Paint Industries we stock the complete range of Glow Paint Industries body paints that are made in Australia, nontoxic, not flammable and non-smelling. Glow Paint Industries face and body paints Conforms to AUS/NZ 8124.3 and CE EN-71 Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Our range of fluro face and body paints are water based and can easily be washed off skin with water. Glow Paint Industries has been the industry leader for party paints and has been supplying our face and body paints to both industry professionals and consumers since March 2006.

Having fun at a Fluro Party

Image above: UV face and Body Paint on Guest at Fluro Party

Specifications For UV Glow Face and Body Paint

  • Non toxic
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Available in different quantities
  • More flexible so these paints are Less prone to cracking.
  • May be watered down for use with an air brush for Temporary Tattoos
  • Increasing range of colours including super Bright Fluorescent colours.

UV Glow Face and Body Paint used at De-railed Paint Party

Above image: UV Glow Face And Body Paint At Party

Technical Notes

  • This new range is water based and allows for far more movement as in facial gestures than similar Face and Body paints.
  • It is non toxic and safe for use in most circumstances.
  • These Paints are meant to be applied sparsely so they form a thin layer of skin like paint.

Learn all about selecting the best performing and safest fluro, neon, UV Face and Body Paints to use by read our Buying Guide For Fluro Neon UV Body Paint.

A warning Note: Some manufacturers Of Face and Body Paint (including some Australian manufacturers) add ingredients like fillers, (to make paint cheaper to produce) and Artificial Urea (artificial animal urine). 

We assure you we do not add these cheap and nasty ingredients. 

Before buying any cosmetics including face abd Body Paint always read the ingedients listed on package if available. 


We have a buying guide for Uv Face and Body Paint you may me interested in reading. click here to read the buying guide 

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Questions and answers from customers

Question 1: Why are your Face Body Paints the best available?

Answer: Our Paints were developed using the best available Paint ingredients. Our Paints use a secret Flexible Wax Formula for superior results.

Question 2: Are your Face Body paints visible in normal light?

Answer: YES they are. They appear a neon fluro colour in daylight.

Question 3: I have read that Face and Body Paints made in some Asian countries can be dangerous to use on my skin; for example China. In which country are your Paints made?

Answer: The Paints we offer are made by us in sunny Queensland. Some Face and Body Paints made outside of Australia use chemical ingredients that are either banned for use in Australia or are suspected of causing cancer in humans.

Question 4: Why are UV Glow Paints better than Fluorescent Paints.

Answer: Our Paints were designed to be reactive to UV Black Lights. We don't use fillers that diminish the UV reactive effect. Fluorescent Paints were developed to be Neon - Fluro coloured in Day light only. Because they contain fillers they do not reacte to UV Black lights very good.

Question 4: Do you offer bulk or wholesale prices for large orders?

Answer: YES, we offer bulk discounts for large orders. Phone or email us for our Bulk buy Prices.

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