Glow UV Powder

Glow UV Powder

Do You Know How Glow In The Dark Powder Can Help You?


Above Image: Premium Green Glow Pigments

Other Names

Glow in the dark powder is also known as, Glow in the dark Pigment, and Photo Luminescent Powder


Glow in the dark powder is made from a rare earth material, that mixed with other substances create these glowing powders. The glow effect is known as an after glow. The size of the individual glow powder particles is typically around 40um. As a general rule, the bigger the particle size, the better the after glow.

How They Work

Glow in the dark Powder will absorb light energy, from any reasonable light source, including the sun, fluorescent lights, light bulbs, and UV Black lights. They can store this light energy, if kept in good light conditions, but if these glow in the dark powders are exposed to semi dark, or dark conditions they will discharge the light energy, as a glow effect. This after glow can illuminate the surrounding area. The stronger the light source, the quicker the glow in the dark powder absorbs the light energy. 


Not Toxic
Non Flammable
NON radioactive
Particle size from 5um - 600um.
Available in different daytime colours.
Available in different after glow colours
Will absorb light energy, then discharge it, for many years, night after night, after night.

Day colour Green Glow In The dark Pigments

Above image: Day colour Green Glow In The dark Pigments


How To Use Glow Powder

There are hundreds of products made from Glow In The Dark Powder, and you can make your own glow in the dark craft or other products to.

Mix glow powder with clear mediums for example clear paint base, and Polyester Resin.
You can use White paint bases but this will glower the intensity of the after glow.
Do not use paint bases darker than white as this will dramatically reduce the after glow.
When mixing glow powder, do not grind (crush) the glow powder, as this will reduce the particle size, and produce a lower after glow.

Glow In The Dark Paint made from Glow Pigments

Differences between two types of Glow Powder

Standard Type Glow Powder, has a day time appearance of White or some variation of off white or dull yellow
Day Colour Glow Powder have a non white day colour, sometimes, a fluorescent colour. The after glow colour in most circumstances is yellow/green

To selct a glow in the dark powder colour, just click one of the links below, or if you prefer to buy a few colours scroll to the bottom of this page for more options.

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