Glow In The Dark Polyester Resin Craft

Polyester Resin and Glow in the Dark Pigments mixes

A general guide on making craft projects using Polyester Resin with Glow  Pigments


Polyester Resin and Hardener


Glow in the Dark Pigments work well with Polyester Resin. The result is like a Glow in the Dark Plastic. The result can be recharged by interior or exterior lighting over and over again to give a beautiful glowing effect under night time or low light conditions.

A small list of craft ideas using Polyester Resin and Pigment mix;

  • Glow in the dark ornaments.
  • Glow in the Dark signs or text.
  • Glow in the Dark Necklace and bracelets.
  • Glow in the Dark Gear shift knob, in your car.
  • Glow in the Dark Halloween masks, spider webs, etc. 
  • Glow in the Dark Property name on the front of your house.
  • Glow in the Dark street numbers for your letterbox or front of house.
  • Glow in the Dark Christmas decorations for internal or external use; (zero electricity and electrical hazard).

How to Make Glow in the Dark Polyester video -

How To Make Glow in the Dark Polyester Toys


A short duration (Two minute) movie showing how to make Glow in the Dark Polyester Toys, using Glow in The Dark Pigment and Polyester Resin; If you want to learn how to use Glow in the Dark Pigments with Polyester Resin then we highly recommend this short video.

Duration; 2 minutes (4 mb)



 Some other great craft ideas include, Glowing in the dark letter boxes, Speaker enclosures, and various children's toys. The list could go on forever, so let your creativity flow, you may even discover something no one else has thought of and is a sellable item.


Green Glow in the Dark Pigment mixed with Polyester Resin.

Items needed

  • Glow in the Dark Pigments.
  • Polyester Resin with included hardener. (Purchase from hardware)
  • Acetone; for washing up brushes etc immediately after use, (Purchase from hardware)
  • Mould or backing board depending on the project you will be making.
  • Plastic spoon or Paddle pop stick, for mixing.
  • Plastic or ceramic mixing bowl. (Do not use metal containers with Glow in the Dark Pigments).
  • Bees wax or similar non stick substance. (Use to stop resin/pigment mix sticking to mould, backboard or any object pigment will come into contact with, excluding the mixing equipment).

Special noteIf you intend to make a project for outdoor use, we suggest you purchase a Polyester Resin with a UV inhibitor (Tint) in it.

purple-and-blue-red.jpg green-blue-red-bluegreen.jpg

The above images show the different colours of the glow in the dark pigments mixed with Polyester Resin in low light conditions. The Red/Blue colour is a mix of Polyester Resin mixed with Red and Blue Glow in the Dark Pigments.

Mixing Directions

  1. Treat the mould or surface that will come into contact with the Polyester Resin/ Pigment mix with Bees wax or similar product. This is to stop the resin/pigment mix sticking to the mould or backing

  2. Pour the required amount of Polyester Resin into the mixing bowl.
  3. Add the required amount of hardener to the resin; (Read the resin or hardeners mixing instructions for correct ratio of resin to hardener).
  4. Mix the two liquids.
  5. Add the Glow in the Dark Pigment to the mix, and mix well to make sure all ingredients are mixed well. Do not grind the pigment.
  6. Spoon, brush, or pour the mix into or on the mould or backing.
  7. Allow the mix time to completely harden.
  8. Remove the Glow in the Dark item from the backing or mould carefully
  9. Clean up brushes, mixing bowl and other required utensils immediately.


The Pigment/Resin mix in daylight.

Polyester Resin Safety Directions

  • Avoid breathing vapor or spray mist.
  • Store and use in a well Ventilated area only
  • Using Safety glasses is highly recommended.
  • Polyester Resin is a flammable liquid, so care must be taken when using it.
  • We suggest you do not allow children to use Polyester resin, unless under adult supervision.
  • Read the container warnings and directions carefully to gain maximum benefit from this product.

A bit of trivia on Acetone (I use to work in the cosmetics Pharmaceutical industry, as a fitter, line setter, and if my memory is correct, Acetone is used as nail Polish Remover). Hint, Hint.


This Glow in the Dark Spiders web was made using Glow in the Dark Pigment and Polyester Resin.

My next Resin/pigment project will be a large sign "Merry Christmas". I will attach it to a front window of my home, in the pre Christmas season, with blue tack. After Christmas I will remove it until next year.

Merry Christmas

After lots of research on using Polyester Resin with Glow in the Dark Pigments, We conclude they do work well together. As you can see from this tutorial, Glow In The Dark Pigments really do have near infinite uses. Its uses are only restricted by our imaginations. 

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Did you know?

  • We have now developed a new neon Black light reactive artificial snow
  • Our products have been used on Xfactor, Big Brother, Underbelly and NRL Footie Show
  • Our continual research and development, allow us to give you the best advise available.