Using Glow In The Dark Pigments n Paints

General Guidance Tips and Tricks

Glow In The Dark Pigments have near infinite uses, and their uses are limited by our creativity. By combining our creative ideas, we make the unimagined, become reality.

purple-and-blue-red.jpg green-blue-red-bluegreen.jpg

The five different Glow in the Dark Standard Series Pigment colours we stock at present. The Green Pigment represents the normal and Premium Green Pigments. The Red/Blue is a mix of Red and Blue Pigments.


Glow In The Dark Pigment In Light

Glow In The Dark Pigment To Paint Mixing Ratio
 Mixing ratio for both types of Glow In The Dark Pigment can range from 20 - 50 percent Glow pigment to Paint. Lower ratios of pigment to paint are best as they are easier to apply.

 Mixing Instructions
 Do not use a metal bowl or container. Instead use a plastic or ceramic bowl or similar.
 Use a wooden or plastic spoon to mix; Do not use a metal spoon or implement.
 Do not crush or grind Glow In The Dark pigments when mixing with Paint.
 The Glow In The Dark Pigments are not soluble in Paint and will settle on the bottom of the container, so you will need to mix the Glow In The Dark Paint Mix regularly. Do not make Paint mix to thick.


This Night time Moon has a 240 volt light that illuminates it from the inside when switched on. We will be painting it with glow in the dark pigment so when the power is switched off it will continue to glow and should look very nice. As it is is partly transparent we will also paint the inside of it for an even better effect. We will make the moon part green and the cloud section (bottom) blue. The lips will be red. We will choose the colour of the other sections as we progress.

Ways to apply The Glow Paints
It is best to give non white items an undercoat of white paint first; (Black and dark colours absorb light and will diminish the glow). We also recommend painting in low light conditions with a black light; (This will show the areas you miss when painting the object). Around three (3) coats of Glow In The Dark Paint is normally needed for effective coverage of surface.

Method One; Mix Glow in the dark Pigment, with clear vanish, or similar clear finish. You may need to give the item more than one coat of Glow in the dark Paint. Using this method gives the best glow effect.

Method Two; Mix Glow in the dark Pigment, with a suitable White Paint. You may need to give the item more than one coat of Glow in the dark Paint. This method will give a slightly less glow effect.


Matt Painting a container with white Glow In The Dark paint

Maximum Effect

  • To get best glow effect, expose your Glow In The Dark painted items to the sun for 15 minutes. Items can also be charged under normal internal lighting but with a less effect. Even 10 seconds of sunlight will give off a really great glow effect.  
  • Use clear mediums with Glow In The Dark Pigments for the best illumination.

Don't Do

  • Do not store or mix glow in the dark pigments in metal containers; use plastic or ceramic containers
  • Do not make glow in the dark paint mix to thick.
  • Only mix the estimated amount needed. If you leave a mixed batch of glow in the dark paint mix to long it can set.
  • Don't use coloured Paints with the glow in the dark Pigments as the colour will absorb the glow. Black is totally unsuitable to mix with pigments.

To Paint small items we recommend using Artists Brushes.


We sometimes use white Artists Acrylic Paint mixed with Glow In The Dark Pigment if we are painting an item for interior display. 

NoteGlow in the dark products will not glow in bright light conditions. The more light the less glow effect. Glow in the dark painted items will not glow in normal external daylight conditions. Street light intensity will effect the ability of glow in the dark products to glow.