Glow In The Dark Christmas Craft Ideas

Glow In The Dark Christmas Decorations

(A general guide to D.I.Y. Christmas Decorations)

News Flash - We now offer Neon Artificial Snow. Use it for your home christmas theme or shop window display. Learn more about neon artificial snow here

The above Photograph shows a Plastic Christmas Tree Painted with Glow in the Dark Paint under low light conditions after being exposed to strong light for five minutes.

Do you want to make your own original Christmas decorations?

Would you like to own Christmas decorations that glow throughout the night but do not require electricity to Illuminate?

Glow In The Dark Christmas decorations, do not require electricity at night to glow, so are the ideal choice for both internal and external use. They also do not create potential electrical hazards when used outside safely.

Note: a majority of the Christmas decorations displayed in this and other tutorials to come, may be used year after year.

The above Photograph was taken as a close up shot showing the white paint and pigment mix which at a distance looks like snow.

News Flash... We are mid way through painting a green plastic Christmas tree. The Results are truly stunning. Because we are painting it using a solvent based pigment, and white paint mix, in daytime it looks like it has snow on it; (a northern hemisphere Christmas); and at night time it has a fantastic appearance contrasting against the darkness. We used the green pigment. Next tree we paint we will spray paint with white paint first. We will also use the new Green premium Pigment to get a more intense glow effect. We will add some more images of the glowing Christmas tree soon. 

glow-polyester-santa-nite-t.jpg polyester-glow-santa-thumb.jpg

Christmas Decorations For Internal Use

This is a general guide to help you get started using Glow In The Dark Pigments. We will show you a few ways to use Glow Pigments to make some really wonderful Christmas decorations that you will in most circumstances be able to use year after year.

We will have more in depth tutorials, on how to make individual Christmas decorations as interest in glow in the dark Christmas decorations grow.

Glow In The Dark Christmas Murals On Printing Transparencies

The above Image was painted on A4 Photocopier Transparencies.

Quick And Easy Merry Christmas On Windows

Type One Use Clear Silicon Sealant;

Mix Glow In The Dark Pigment with the clear Silicon Sealant; the higher the percentage of pigment used the better the effect. Make sure you mix ingredients fully. Using a paint brush or old strip of clothing, paint the "Merry Christmas" text on a window.

Make sure you apply it before the sealant starts to harden.

The advantage of using Silicon Sealant is that it will harden on window and once dry, will not contaminate window curtains or blinds.

After Christmas it can be removed easily with a scraper.


In early December we will place this flashing Plastic Christmas tree decoration, internally on a front window with Blue Tac. Because it is powered by electricity to flash on and off, during the day and at night time up to bed time we will switch it on. At bed time we will switch it off so the applied green glow in the dark paint will illuminate throughout the night.

Christmas Decorations For External Use.

Glow In The Dark Christmas Decorations are the perfect solution to the following situations;

If you like to make original Christmas decorations. Let your creativity run wild.

If you want illuminated Christmas decorations but don't want the extra electricity costs associated with running Christmas lights etc.

If you want to display your Christmas decorations outside of your house, in all weather conditions; (no electricity and no electrical hazard).

Glow In The Dark Christmas decorations on trees 

Use Plastic or foam Balls or any other shaped object

Use Plastic balls or similar type objects. They can be any size or shape you desire.

To help tie object to a Christmas tree, and also help stop you from accidentally painting your fingers, screw a small self tapping screw in to each ball or object. You can then hold the screw while painting the ball


Above image To make a hole easily, we use a hand drill; The drill shown here came with a printer cartridge Ink refilling kit.

  • Apply a white under coat of paint to the Balls or Objects. This will help get maximum glow effect.
  • Mix up the Glow Pigment - Glow Paint mix and give each ball a few coats of this glow paint mixture. Once dark charge them up under a light for a few minutes then turn off the lights and see if the have a sufficient amount of Glow in the Dark Paint On them.


  • Tie the ball or objects to the Christmas tree using thin string. Tie string to self tapping screw first then tie string around tree branch
  • Enjoy the effect in all weather conditions with no electricity costs.
  • To add to the colour range of the balls during the day time you can also add some normal Christmas ball decorations.

Glow In The Dark Christmas decorations on your house or on your front lawn.

  • Paint Plastic tubing, with Glow In The Dark Paint, and tie the tubing to the external fascia or similar area of you house.
  • Buy a large piece of clear or white Perspex or plastic, (we use clear Perspex because it allows light in from both sides, aiding in pigment charging). Cut the Perspex using a jig saw or similar tool, to the shape of Santa Claus or any other Christmas scene or figure. Paint the Perspex scene using different Glow In The Dark Paint Colours.
  • Secure the figure to the ground.
  • Enjoy it

There are many more Christmas decorations that can be made with Glow In The Dark Paints. We will design tutorials on these as time progresses. 

Plastic balls like these can be used for Glow in the Dark Christmas decorations

How to apply Glow In The Dark Paint To Christmas Decorations 

Read our tutorial on General Guidance Tips for working with Glow in the dark Pigments and Paints safely.

Make sure item to be painted is white in colour or apply a white undercoat of paint to it; this will aid in a better glow effect.

Select the correct type of Glow Pigment And Glow Paint For The Decoration;.

Daytime colour can be changed by adding a few drops of Printer cartridge ink.("W" series Glow In The Dark Pigments for Acrylic (water) based Paints, - Internal use normally), but you can purchase Acrylic Paints for outdoor use. Ask your paint retailer. (Standard series Glow In The Dark Pigments for Solvent based of Paints, - External use normally), but can be used indoors.

Make sure item to be painted has a white undercoat of paint; this will aid in better glow effect. 

Use a paint to Pigment mix ratio of between 20 percent to 50 percent pigment. The medium (Paint) should be as clear (transparent) as possible. (We use clear varnishes or Polyurethane) and sometime white paint mixes

Paint the Christmas decoration as may times that is required; normally 2 - 3 coats

Enjoy your creations. 


As you can see from this brief tutorial, Glow In The Dark Paints and Pigments really do have near infinite uses. Their uses are only restricted by our imaginations.

Note; We are currently experimenting with Glow in the Dark Pigments combined with Polyester Resin. More information soon in a separate tutorial showing uses with our craft ideas.

NOTEThe material contained in this web site is set out in good faith, for general guidance only, and no liability can be accepted for loss or expense incurred as a result of relying on statements or examples made in guides on this web site.

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