White UV Glow Face And Body Paint

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Product Overview

UV Glow Face And Body Paint White

Our White UV Glow face And Body Paint, was developed, for you our website visitors and customers.
These Paints have quite a few advantages over other UV Glow Face And Body paints, as detailed below, for example a better glow effect.
We believe you'll learn that our Face And Body paint is superior to all other brands.
Who Buys Our UV Glow Paint? Our biggest consumer of these UV Reactive Paints are Night Clubs, but we also supply consumers like yourself, Universities, Art clubs, event organizers, and many more businesses, to numerous to list here.

UV Glow Face And Body Paint White - Features And Specifications

  • NON TOXIC: Our Face And Body Paints are non Toxic, non acidic, and safe to use. The base Paint ingredients in these Paints are made for use by children, so you can be assured that these UV Glow paints are safe for use.

  • Biggest Range of Colours: We are continually experimenting with UV colours to give our customers the best range of colours available.

  • Multiple Ways To Apply: You can apply these UV Glow Paints via finger, cotton wool, cotton bud, and if diluted, using water, this Paint can be applied via Air Brushing.

  • Dries Like a Skin not Like Mud: These are many face and body Paints for sale these days, that crack like dried mud, when to much movement is applied, to the painted on area. Our UV Face And Body paint, goes on as a thin skin like layer that is less ridged when dried. So instead of cracking and resembling dried cracked mud, our UV Face Paint will lift off your skin and only in extreme conditions (like when applied around the mouth) whey will tear slightly.

Product Notes

We can also supply this product in 25L drums.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review