Buying Guide For Fluro Neon UV Face And Body Paint

What Are Fluro Neon UV Face And Body Paints?

They are all the same type of paint.

They all light up under UV light.

A basic rundown on these paints. UV face and body paints are paints that have ultraviolet properties. When these paints are exposed to uv black lights they illuminate. The advantage of using uv paints over glow in the dark paints is as long as these uv paints are exposed to uv black lights they will light up and fluoresce. Glow in the dark paints on the other hand need to be changed for a long time in full sun and when they are in pitch black darkness they will glow and discharge. Using glow in the dark paint in semi lit conditions will not work effectively. We highly reccomend not using Glow in the dark face and body paint, because of their inferior performance characteristics.

uv-glow-face-and-body-paints-350.jpg              Fluro - UV - Neon Face And Body paint
uv-glow-face-paint-at-fluro-paint-party-350.jpg                 Image of a fluro Glow Party hosted at home

How to select a good quality uv face and body paint. Most uv face paints for sale in Australia are made in china and sold as cheap Chinese brands or made in china and packaged in Australia. It all gets back to you get what you pay for. In places like china they do not have the same manufacturing requirements and standards as we have here in Australia. In Australia there is only a few companies that manufacture these uv paints.  Most uv paints for sale in Australia are sold as hobby paints or kid’s paints. These were never designed to be used as UV paints. They where designed to look fluro. These paints may be cheap and nasty. They crack like mud when dry, and have a funny smell about them.

I don’t know about you but I would not like to be walking around with a musky smell hanging around me. A good uv face and body paint should be made with a clear based or a white base that dries clear so that when exposed to uv black lights the paint can illuminate all thru each of the layers of the uv face and body paint. As far as we know we are the only supplier in Australia to offer a uv face and body paint that is made with a clear paint base.

uv fluorescent party light is energy efficient
250ml-12-for-10-deal-350.jpg                Neon - Fluro - Fluro Face and Body exposed to a UV Black Light.

The good news for you is our uv face paints are non toxic, made with a clear base, safe to use on your face and body, and are easy to apply and easy to remove. We offer a range of ten vibrant uv colours to choose from, Made in Australia and Conforms to AUS/NZ 8124.3 and CE EN-71 Australian and New Zealand Standards. Click here to see our range of uv face and body paints.

Some UV reactive Paint colours work better than others when exposed to UV Black Lights. Yellow UV Glow Face And Body paint has the most intense look. Orange/Red is also highly visual. Until now UV Blue and UV Violet had very bad results (colour intensity) when near UV Black Lights. This is because most UV Paints were developed to be fluro coloured in daylight and not made to Glow - Light up under UV Black lights. Even our UV Blue and violets were not great under UV Black Lights. We realised this problem and have spent many hours perfecting the performance of these two colours. As of July 2014 our Blue and violet UV Face and body paints work very well near UV Black Lights, and we are proud to show the results.

6-for-5-deal-uv-face-body-350.jpg               Notice how bright  the UV Glow Blue Face and Body Paint is on the Right arm of this night club Patron.
 A guest at a UV Paint Party with UV Face Body Paint on her

 Choosing The Best performing And Safest UV Face And Body paints. When choosing a UV face and body paint, it is highly reccomended that you read the ingredients used, if provided on the jar.

Calcuim Carbonate. If the UV face and Body paint contains Calcuim Carbonate, the paint will give inferior results as Calcuim Carbonate is white in colour, and is used in paint as a cheap filler to minimize costs at the expense of UV reactivity to UV Black light. It would be fair to assume these paints that use it, were never manufactured to be UV reactive. Any UV reactive face and body paint that contains a filler may also crack when dry due the the infexible nature of the filler.

Urea and Diazolidinyl urea. Urea is animal urine, and is used in gardens to supply nitrogen to the soil. Diazolidinyl urea is a artificial urine and is used in some face and body paints and cosmetics to help preserve them. I find this disguesting.

Some people have a contact allergy to Diazolidinyl urea causing dermatitis. In 2005–06, it was the 14th-most-prevalent allergen in patch tests

We will never add any type of Urea - urine or fillers in any of our face and body paint range. 

Frequently asked questions about uv face and body paints
Q) Some supplier’s state that uv paints that are purple or blue do not work under black light as well as their other colour is this true? 
A) Here at glow paint industries we have just developed a new purple and a new blue uv face and body paint that looks much better in normal light conditions and looks way better than any of our competitors uv blue and purple under black light. We would go as far to say our uv purple and uv blue work as well as our other colours. 
Q) Can I paint uv face and body paint over normal black face and body paint? 
A) Yes you can paint over the top of black face and body paint with uv face and body paint this will not effect how this paints works when exposed to black light. 
Q) What is the best way to apply this paint to a large number of people? 
A) You can use cotton wool buds to apply the uv face and body paint to each person. Using a new cotton bud on each person. 
Q) How do I work out how much paint I will need for my UV paint party?
A) As a general rule 1.5L of our Glow Paint Industries uv face and body paint is the amount that would be required to paint 100 people with some lines of paint on there arms and some paint on the face. 
Q) How many black lights will I need for my uv paint party? 
A) If you have fittings for fluorescent white lights or for globes bayonet or screw you can change the globes or tubs to uv black lights. If the area you would like to light up with black lights does not have light fittings but does have a powder point you can use bedside lamps and change the globes to uv black lights. If you need to light an area without a powder source then you can use a 12 volt DC uv black light. 
Most of all make sure you have fun and choose a uv face and body paint that has the best glow qualities and uses no dangerous chemicals  for your glow party to save yourself from being disappointed with the outcome. 
Urea serves an important role in the metabolism of nitrogen-containing compounds by animals and is the main nitrogen-containing substance in the urine of mammals Urea Wikipedia
Diazolidinyl urea. Patch-test results of the North American Contact Dermatitis Group 2005–2006. Dermatitis. 2009 May–Jun;20(3):149-60
Calcium carbonate
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