Retro Gaming With Raspberry Pi

Posted by Paul Housego on 4th Aug 2015

Retro Gaming With Raspberry Pi

Retro Gaming With Raspberry Pi Is Fun

One of the great things about owning a Raspberry PI is that you can play many of the games you played many years before.

This is great news for me as I have loved computer games since the 1970s.

When my oldest son was about 5 years old we purchased a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

My family and I spent many thousands of hours playing many different games on the NES, including Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda.

Now I can play many games again using the Raspberry PI.

What Is Needed To Play Games Using The Raspberry PI

A Raspberry PI 2 B for best playback.

A Micro SD card with the Game Emulator Software copied onto it.

A computer monitor or mini LCD as shown below

A xbox, Playstation or other controller. You can also use a full size or mini keyboard if you prefer.

Game Roms. It is illegal to play games that you do not own. So do as I do and play games demos or games made for game consoles that are legal to use.

I also recommend you do not download illegal game roms as they may contain computer viruses.

I have installed demos of Doom, Quake and a few other games that I like.

Youtube has many great videos that show information on Raspberry PI game emulation.

Above image: A 3.5 inch LCD screen used for displaying output of Raspberry PI including Games