Electronics What I Am Planing To Make And Do

Posted by Paul Housego on 5th Aug 2015

Electronics What I Am Planing To Make And Do

So I have my Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards for computer programing Retro gaming and experimenting with electronics.

What are my plans for the foreseeable future?

I have a few projects line up.

The first is a project kit I purchased that run a number of LED (Light Emitting Diode) light strip lights.

Another project is to make a high output video light for when filming indoors. The output should be equivalent to about 1,000 watts.

Then I want to make a camera adapter ring that fits around the camera lens which has many 5w UV LED's around it it to help with taking Photographs of objects exposed to the UV light.

Business wise we will be offering many types of unique but helpful electronic Products to help our customers build their Projects.

Our ambition is to get People motivated so we will be writing tutorials on how we make various Projects. 

We will supply video links when applicable and supply lists of Parts needed and hopefully be will be about to supply the necessary electronic components.

We we also steer clear of mains powered Electronics Projects. 

To make Projects like this we will use mostly Batteries but sometimes use AC to DC Power adapters where necessary.

DC to DC Voltage Boosters are a great way to obtain higher voltage output of batteries.

At present we supply 3.7 volt Li-ion rechargeable Batteries and suitable battery cases to house up the 4 of these batteries giving a total voltage of  14.8 volts DC.

Using eight batteries and two battery cases will give us a total DC voltage of 29.6 volts; more than ample to power most decent electronics Projects that deal with many LEDs.

I just ordered one of these to help me with soldering some components.

If you need one of these please advise as I have ordered a few extra units to be made.

Ok, Thats me done for this Post. See you next time.....