Zinc Oxide Powder

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Product Overview

Zinc Oxide is a fine white powder that is used as a Colorant in paints and other mediums. Zinc Oxide is non soluble but dose mix well compered to other Colorants making it a popular additive to Rubbers, Glass, Pigments, Sealants and adhesives.  

Paints containing zinc oxide powder have long been utilized as anti corrosive coatings for metals.

Zinc oxide has the following attributes;

  • has a high refractive index
  • high thermal conductivity
  • high binding, properties
  • high antibacterial properties
  • UV-protection properties

Zinc oxide itself is non-toxic; however it is hazardous to inhale zinc oxide fumes.

Breathing the dust of Zinc oxide should also be avoided.

Zinc oxide can react violently with aluminum and magnesium powders, with chlorinated rubber and linseed oil on heating causing fire and explosion hazard.

Includes general mixing instruction leaflet.

 200 gram bag


(No reviews yet) Write a Review