Setting Up Our UV Flood Lights For Portability

How to connect a portable UV Light

Are you a customer whom needs to use UV Lights in areas where electricity isn't available?

Do you need portability with these floodlights? 

We have intentionally made these UV Floodlights 12v and 24v input so they can be used anywhere including remote locations.

So depending on the fitting type you will need setting up for remote use is relatively easy.

12 volt power supplies

Powertech 12v DC 7.5Amp Power adaptor with cigarette socket. Suitable for 12volts only input UV Floodlights.

24 volt power supplies

Power Tech Plus 15amps switchmode LAB Power supply. This unit has an output of 0-24 volts and is able two run either type of UV Flood light by using an adjustable knob.

240 volts (mains power) options

Fitting types

Cigarette lighter fitting (male or female)

Motor vehicle jump starter with a female cigarette socket. You will need a matching male cigarette plug.


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