How To Setup And Use UV Flood Lights

 Setting Up And Using our UV Flood Light Range


Our range of UV Black Light Flood Lights are available in different outputs.

Being flood lights they are designed to have high UV light output.

You can choose from 10 watts right up to a massive 250 watts UV light output.

These floodlights have a UV wavelength of 395nm.

Two types of power input

They all have inputs of either 12 volts dc or 24 volts dc.

12 volt dc inputs are well suited to portable use, and 24 volts inputs for fixed installation.

Fixed installations (12 and 24 volts DC) will need to be installed by a licensed electrician, especially if connected to mains power by a LED Power source with LED driver unit.

Various uses

Fun run's, night clubs, stage and theater, escape rooms, theme parks, remote field studies, UV displays, show rooms, rocks and mineral spotting and displays, sport stadiums, film and TV productions, commercial farming applications, crime prevention, full moon parties, raves and concerts, Laboratories, and science museums, and so many more places.

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