LED Flickering Candles

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Product Overview

3 x LED Flickering Candles For $9.95.

Features Battery operated, so if the batteries run flat you can change them.

This also means they are not a once only use product like many glow in the dark products.

Battery operated so they will flash, and change colours,

Ordinary Glow Products and candles can not do this.

Realistic, so they also look good when switched on or turned off.

Multi Colour change LED's so they will glow brighter then ordinary glow products and need much less darkness to function at their best.

Safe for use by children These Led Flickering Candles are safe to use, unlike candles that are dangerous to use, especially by children.

Inexpensive, and dont burn away to needing replacement of candle so your will receive value for money.

Excellent for use at Carols By Candle Light, romantic dinners and Glow In The Dark parties.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review