Green Acrylic Invisible Ink

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Product Overview

Green Acrylic Invisible Ink 250ml

Acrylic Invisible Ink Is More Wear Resistant and Longer Lasting

Invisible Ink cannot be seen in normal Light and dark conditions, but once exposed to a UV Black Light (Ultraviolet) Source the ink will glow a Green colour.

Invisible ink is also known by some people as Anti falsification ink.

Hidden inks are different again and only work for a limited time before they disappear.

Invisible Ink - Features and Specifications

  • Made in Sunny Queensland, Australia.

  • Easy to apply using a paint brush, spray gun, air brushing, stamp pad, sprayer bottle, Tooth picks, Cotton wool buds or sponges. 

  • Acrylic based and water soluble. 

  • Industrial quality product.

  • Manufactured using industrial grade ingredients. 

  • Dries completely invisible (clear/transparent) once dry on most surfaces. 

  • Consistency: like water.

  • Good adhesive properties so can be applied to many surfaces. 

  • The ink is supplied in leak proof PET plastic Jars and containers. 

  • Works best in areas that are in semi dark and complete darkness. 

  • This ink will show up well under most UV Black Light wavelengths. 

  • Can be revealed by UV Lamps, Torches, Bulbs and Industrial black lights. 

  • Protect your home contents, by being able to identify them if stolen. 

  • Also good for night clubs, Escape rooms, Special FX, theft prevention in shops Anti-Counterfeiting, offices, and factories.

Product Notes

This product can also be supplied in 1, 5, 10, 20, and 25 Litres quantities if needed.

Phone or email us for more information and wholesale Prices.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review