Sugar Skulls Face Painting

Posted by Jason Housego 2014 on 27th Nov 2014

Sugar Skulls Face Painting is fast gaining popularity world wide.

Sugar skulls are artificial skulls made of sugar which is used in the Mexican tradition of day of the dead (Calavera).

Dyes and flavors are added to these skulls making them edible.

You can even buy Sugar skulls made of chocolate. People write their names on these skulls are often eaten or kept for a few days and then thrown away.

Sugar skulls can also be made from clay and are often painted in different colours even in some cases fluro coloured and metallic colours.

The popularity of this tradition is spreading very rapidly, to prove this just type #FacePaint on instergram and you will see that there an over eight million photos currently displayed on this social network for the hast tag #FacePaint

Now here is the interesting part most of the new photos that are coming thru in the news stream are for sugar skull inspired face paint designs. Just think we are only taking about instergarm what about the larger social media platforms? Like Facebook and twitter, well let’s just say #SugarSkulls could just about break the internet just like Kim Kardashian did with her photos.

Whilst browsing around Instagram I notice that some people where using UV Glow Face and Body Paints in there Sugar skulls face paint designs, I must be honest here and say they did look rad! Face painters have also done full body sugar skulls inspired designs which also looks great.

Now we do have some new ideas in the mix to suite the Sugar Skulls and day of the dead theme but for now I have to keep my mouth shut. If you would like to know what Sugar Skulls and day of the dead themed products we will be releasing please subscribe to our newsletter.