Electronics an old flame reignited

Posted by Paul Housego on 30th Jul 2015

Electronics an old flame reignited

I purchased a Raspberry PI 2 B and Arduino boards about six weeks ago and am now hooked on Electronics again.

Above image: Raspberry PI 2 model B

Back in the 1980's I gained a great interest in building electronics Projects.

In those days you could buy electronics projects - kits from your local Dick Smith Electronics Store.

I built audio amplifiers, electronic organs and electronic door bells.

After having children I lost my passion for Electronics due to lack of time commitment needed to continue learning electronics.

My children are now Adults and after learning about and playing with the two above electronics boards I  now have that passion again.

The Raspberry PI and Arduino are very inexpensive to purchase but can do many complex things.

Just do a search on Google's YOUTUBE and you will see a ton of Tutorials, reviews and how to make vidoes.

About the Raspberry PI 

The raspberry PI is like a mini computer that costs about $50.00 AU to buy and is great for learning about computer programming and also Electronics.

Being a mini computer it processes information internally.

Raspberry Pi's have only been around a few years but their popularity is growing fast due to the amount of varied applications you can do and make with them.

They were first developed to teach school children computer programming and basic electronics. 

The Raspberry PI also has many home and commercial applications, for example controlling Christmas lights, building Retro gaming systems, Automating your home, and many other new and exciting things that I will be writing about in upcoming blog Posts.

About the Arduino

The Arduino is different to The Raspberry Pi in some ways but in others it can do much the same.

The Raspberry PI is like a mini computer and can be run without the need of a PC where as a Ardruino uses a software program that is installed onto your computer.

Just like the Raspberry PI you can write programs to run things like LED Lighting.

Arduino's are only a few years old just like the Raspberry PI and also gaining popularity.

Youtube has many Arduino videos just waiting for you to view.

Our Direction into Electronics

We are gearing up to offer for sale many Raspberry PI and Arduino and other Electronics accessories

These now Products will compliment our existing range of electronic Products already available.

We will try to offer unique and/or hard to find electronics hardware that is not available elsewhere.

And as we continue to learn and experiment in the exciting world of electronics we will pass on our knowledge to you.