Buying Face and Body paint - Be warned

Posted by Paul Housego on 7th Dec 2014

Buying Face and Body paint - Be warned

Sorry for the dramatic title but I believe you should read this post if you are looking to buy face and body Paint.

You may know we have been manufacturing Face and Body paint here in Australia for about five years.

We were wondering why a certain Australian store on ebay is selling their face and body paint so cheaply. 

So cheap that you can not make it for the price they are selling it for.

I had my suspicions that this so called maker of face and body paint was buying Paint from a Manufacturer and diluting it down with water to make it super cheap to produce, before selling it.

I was reading the feedback from this ebay stores past customers and guess what? It seems by their customer feedback they do water down their paint.

Now you may ask what does it matter?

The more you water down a paint, the thinner it gets and this makes it look cheap and nasty when applied. This also waters down the binder that makes the face and body Paint adhere to your body.

It also makes the poor customer feel angry and ripped off.

Paint suppliers like this make consumers believe all Face and Body Paint is junk.

This is untrue as there are some very good Face and Body Paints available. 

But keep this in mind, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

This same seller also had a number of customer reviews removed by ebay. I guess their customers had some mighty bad things to say about this stores Face and Body Paint. 

I think ebay should be held accountable for hiding the negative feedback this store has received, and it is still considered by ebay to be a Premium seller. Ha ha that is laughable. I would hate to buy from a ebay store without Premium Seller status.

Another review stated that they are selling normal bright coloured Paint as UV Face and Body Paint.

There is also a relatively new Paint manufacturer in the UK (also on ebay) whom also offers paint so cheap that we guess he is also watering down his or her paints. If they are not selling diluted Paint then they are using fillers in the paint to keep prices down at the expense of quality. 

We know of a major Face and Body Paint manufacturer in Australia whom uses fillers in their Fluorescent Face and body Paint. It lists the fillers on the ingredients on the bottles. We do not add fillers as fillers diminish the UV Glow Effect.

Adding fillers like Talc and Calcium Carbonate diminishes the colour intensity. 

If you ever have the chance to shine a UV torch on normal white house Paint (they use fillers like calcium carbonate) you will understand why these fillers reduce the colour intensity of coloured Paints.

We know using fillers in Fluorescent Paint reduces the quality of the paint, (this reduces the fluorescent colour) and we believe they should not be selling it as a UV reactive paint.

If you suspect a paint you buy from a shop or ebay is watered down, return it to the retailer and demand your money back. It is your legal right.

The easiest way to see if a Paint is truly made to be UV reactive (glow under black light) is to shine a UV torch on the Blue or violet coloured Face and Body Paints. Blue and Violet Fluorescent Paints do not glow well if at all when near UV Lights. Paints made for use with UV Black lights do glow when near a UV. 

So what are the main points you should know before buying Face and Body Paints;

1- You get what you pay for...

2- Not all Paints are created equal.

BUYER BEWARE...........

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