Are you ready for Halloween?

Posted by Paul Housego on 22nd Sep 2014

Are you ready for Halloween?

The celebration of Halloween in Australia is getting more popular every year.
Bellow I am going to share with you some cool ideas for Halloween. 

This is Jason a friend of the family at a Martial Arts Halloween Party

Above image: This is Jason a friend of the family at a Martial Arts Halloween Party 

Make your own home made special FX fake blood
This is quite easy to make all you need is four common household ingredients.

1) Corn starch or corn flour.
2) Red food colouring.
3) Black or blue food colouring (optional).
4) Water.

Start by adding a small amount of corn flour or corn starch to a large bowel. Add water and Wisk with a kitchen Wisk vigorously until the mix starts to thicken. 

Add more water if the mix is still too thick and Wisk again. 

Once you have a fake blood consistence you are happy with then add your food colouring and mix and keep adding food colouring until you have the blood colour your happy with. If the fake blood colour is to red add a small amount of black food colouring or blue food colouring. 

What do with the fake blood? 

Because this mix is nontoxic you can use it on your skin. Another idea is you can dip the end of a paint brush in your fake blood and flick the fake blood at an old white bed sheet. This would make a grate cost effective Halloween prop.

Make a spooky hidden sign out front of your house.
If you have a sensor light at the front of your house you could replace the white light globe with a black light globe. 

Bellow I am going to share an idea with you of how you could make a spooky sign out the front of your house. 

What you need
1) Invisible ink.
2) A black light globe.
3) Sensor lights.
4) Something to wright a hidden message on.

Once you have removed the white light globes form your sensor light fittings you can replace the globe with a UV Black light. 

At night time place pieces of white A4 photo paper around the area you would like to place your sign this should give you an idea of how big or small you can make your spooky sign. 

The A4 photo paper with light up blue if in range of the black light. 

Next paint your sign with invisible ink. Once this invisible ink dries you will not see it until the black light is switched on. 

We recommend while you are painting the sign you leave the black light on so you have a good idea of what you are painting. 

Now for the cool part. Think of people coming to your house with no lights on when they walk past the sensor light the black light will turn on and they will see the hidden message on the sign. 

Setting up for Halloween

Above image: Setting up for Halloween

Make food using turmeric for the kids
Did you know that turmeric fluoresces under UV black light? 

The kids will love eating food that glows under black light. 

Here are some meals you can make using turmeric.

I hope you our reader has a happy and safe Halloween with your friends and family. For me I still need to make or buy a costume. If I do end up running out of time before Halloween I will have to dress up as a mummy by wrapping myself up with white toilet paper.

For more information about invisible inks click here