5 Watts 365nm UV ultraviolet LED chip

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Product Overview

5 watts UV LED ultraviolet chip with a wavelength of 365nm

These UV LED's are used in more expensive devices like torches to output the best UV wavelength possible for detecting Ultra violet reactive things.


wavelength = 365nm

output = 5 Watts

Voltage:  3.2V - 3.8

Emitting colour = UV reactive

viewing angle = 120 deg

Uses inbuilt PCB (Printed curcuit board) to achieve this perfect UV wavelength.

365nm wavelength uses

365nm is the perfect wavelength to make UV (Ultra Violet Light) reactive things light up - glow when in semi let places.

It is the perfect wavelength for spotting rock and minerals, finding fake notes and is also used to find fraudulent activities used on Paintings.

Products that output a true 365nm wavelength have a printed curcuit board to produce the 365nm wavelength.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review