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LED Camping Lights

Energy Saving Camping And Hiking Supplies

Today camping equipment has come a long way since the 1970s and 1980s.

Today LED powdered laterns and other lighting are becoming popular for they are energy efficient.

If you are camping or hiking for a few days, these new LED Lighting devices should do the intended job, before their battery run out of charge..

But if you are camping for more than a few days or even hiking you may not have access to a 240 volt power supply to recharge your batteries when depleated.

But we have a solution that will aviod the above scenario.

Intrducing our solor powered camping and hiking laterns that use the suns enery to recharge the batteries, day after day after day.


3 Watt Camping Lantern With High Output
SKU: 2140

Small Light With Big 3 Watt Output


This small compact Lantern requires 3 "AA" batteries, (we recommend you buy rechargeable batteries if you use it frequently and has a high 3 watt power output.

This compact lantern is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing or keep it handy in your house or car in case of emergencies .

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Market price: $49.95
UltraFire 1 watt XRC Cree Camping Lantern ZF-8136
SKU: 1203

Perfect for blackouts, camping, hiking, fishing, and when natural disasters occur.


  • 4 x "AA" Batteries, (we highly recommend using rechargeable batteries)
  • Bulbs: Q2 LED /3-mode (brightest--dim bright--quickly flash)
  • Luxeon: 150LM
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size(mm): 85/126(L)x66(D)
  • Continual use for up to four hours
  • Battery: 4XAA (included)
  • Switch: 100%/50%/Flashing/Off
  • Color: Silver
  • Packing Size:230(L)X150(D)X85(D)

To help protect the top section from damage, you can slide it down into the main body when not in use.

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Market price: $39.95