Face Body Paints UV

New Wax Based Formula Gives Professional Results

Introducing our New and improved Face and Body Paint range.

Above image: UV Glow Face and Body Paint

Glow Paint Industries Face and Body Paint is made in Australia using cosmetic grade ingredients, so our customers can rest assured that zero dangerous chemicals or powders have been added.

Being wax based gives our Face and Body paint range superior colour intensity, maximum flexibility and is water and sweat resistant.

These Paints are Made In Australia, For Australia's harsh conditions.

Wax based face and body paint will apply easier to your face and body, and as a thin coat, so is more economical to use.

So whether you are going night clubbing, Painting faces at a Festival, or going to support and cheer on your favorite sports team

we have all the colours you could possibly need.

Some manufacturers Of Face and Body Paint (including some Australian manufacturers) add ingredients like fillers, (to make paint cheaper to produce).

This results in a thick cracking mud effect. Some also add Artificial Urea (artificial Animal urine).

We however, do not use cheap and nasty chemicals in our Paint range.

Above image: DE-RAILED - PAINT PARTY - HAMILTON New Zealand

Specifications and advantages of using Wax Based Technology

  • Non Toxic - no dangerous chemicals
  • Wax based formula - water and sweat resistant
  • No added fillers - Brightest colours
  • Easy application - Apply by brush, applicator or finger
  • Easy removal - soap and water
  • Australian Made - Cosmetic grade ingredients
  • Flexible Wax Technology - Resistant to cracking and peeling (no added fillers)
  • Used by over 100 night clubs around Australia

Above image: UV Glow Face and Body Paint used at Nightclub Paint party

We also developed a face and body paint Professional range that is jam packed with colour Pigments and is most suitable at large events. click here to learn more

Before buying any cosmetics including face and Body Paint always read the ingredients listed on package if available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are your Face and Body paints safe to use?

Answer: Yes they are safe to use. We make them here in Australia with no dangerous - toxic chemicals added.

Question: Do your Face and Body paints Glow without a Black Light?

Answer: The UV Face and Body paints need a Black light to work. Other types of face paint do not need a Blacklight.

Question: What is a Black Light and where can I buy - Hire one or more?

Answer: Black Lights make certain items, light up when near them. Black lights are used in many night clubs, home Glow - Fluro - Neon - UV Parties, Raves and other large events.. Black lights are employed for decorative and artistic lighting effects, diagnostic and therapeutic uses in medicine, the detection of substances tagged with fluorescent dyes, rock-hunting, the detection of counterfeit money, the curing of plastic resins and attracting insects (reference wikipedia.org). If you need to buy or hire a Black light for your event Make a Google search for DJ supplies. Also try Electrical wholesalers. Bunnings warehouse has 240 volt Fluorescent Party Lights. Be sure to buy the correct fitting type; bayonette or screw-in.

Question: I am a Professional Face and Body Paint Artist and I will not use most Australian brands because of their poor performance. Is your paints any better?

Answer: In November 2014 we started rolling out our new range of face and Body Paint that uses Flexible Soft Wax Technology. This new range is applied as a thin coat of Paint that is crack and sweat - moister resistant. This equates to a far superior Paint range, that you will be glad to use again and again.

Question: Can Your Face and Body Paint be watered down?

Answer: YES it can, although this will not give as good of effect.

Question: I am after the face and body Paints that glow in the dark without the need for a Black Light. Do you sell this type of Paint?

Answer:We highly recommend you reconsider buying those types of Paints because of many reasons. The colour range is limited, They need total dark to work, they look speckled and they crack like mud. A lot of seller whom sell the Glow Face Paint use images of UV Glow Paint to try to make them look better than the junk they are.

Question: I have used face and body Paint before and have 2 dislikes. 1 - It cracks like mud when dry, 2 - If I sweat the Paint lifts off my skin and falls off. Are your Paints the same?

Answer: No; Our face and Body Paint uses Flexible Soft Wax Technology, that is sweat and water resistant, stretch resistant and does not dry like mud.

Question: Do your Face and Body Paints Stain clothes?

Answer:c Yes they can stain clothing and furniture, so wear appropriate clothing and cover furniture if the need arises.


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