How To Plan A Fluro Party

Learn All About Hosting A Fluro party

This fluro party was held in a suburban backyard and garage.

Above Image: Fluro Party In A House

Fluro Parties are also refered to as Black light Parties, Neon Parties, Glow Parties, and Glow In The Dark Parties.

What items will I need?

The most important item required for this type of party is a UV Black Light.

Black Lights are used in most decent night clubs.

Black lights are used to make UV reactive items (for example bright white tee shirts) light up in dark and semi dark locations. Any item that is not UV reactive will stay dark, dull and uninteresting.

The next item to have is UV Glow face body paint and UV Glow paint both available through us .These special Paints light up under UV black light. click here to learn more about uv glow face and body paint or click here to learn about UV glow paint

Play the video below to see a UV Paint Party Held at a night club.

XLR8ED Entertainment UV Glow Paint party.  If you are interested in having your UV paint party organized by professionals phone XLR8ED on 1300xlr8ed
Other useful items to have at a fluro party are

Glow sticks,

LED balloons

LED Shot Glasses

LED Finger Lights

Sound activated LED flashing wrist bands

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Above image: UV Face And Body Paint

Why do I need a black light?

Black lights produce a special wave length of colour, that is absorbed by fluro colours that make them light up - glow.

Black lights can be either purchased or hired.

We believe the best black lights to use are the 400 watt UV Black Light cannons. These are suitable only for back yard use and to light up large areas.

Other suitable black lights, depending on where the Fluro party is held  include LED Black Lights, Black light bulbs and black light fluorescent tubes.


Above image: UV Black Light Bulb

What clothes should the party Guest wear?

Most fluro clothing will light up when near a UV black light.

Click here to download the Fluro Party PDF checklist  (click on and hold down right mouse button and then select "save as")

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Author: Paul Housego

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