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Glow In The Dark

What Is Glow In The dark?

 Glow In The Dark Paint In Low Light

Above image: Glow In The Dark Paint In Low Light

Technically any item that emits light energy can be referred to as a glow in the dark product. This includes light bulbs, vehicle headlights and neon signs.

What Are Glow In The Dark products?

But Products using Photo luminescent Powder are the best representation of Glow In The dark.
Products using Photo luminescent Powder absorb light energy and store this light energy.
When in circumstances where the surrounding area has lower light then the light energy stored in the Photo luminescent Product then the light energy is discharged over time.

How Can These Glow Powders Help me?

The uses are to varied to list here so it is better to give you some examples

  • Used to track native animals Birds and insects 
  • Used on fishings rods for night time fishing
  • Used in Glow tape and Glow and reflective Tape
  • Used in Glow paint
  • Used in toys and jewelry
  • Used in bedroom night time solor systems
  • Used to make stickers
  • Used for special purpose documents and diagrams
  • Glow Photographs 
  • And a 1001 more useful 

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