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 Above image: A good quality face Paint should not crack or tear easily.

Are you looking for a good quality face paint that is non toxic and with no dangerous chemicals added.

If YES read this article.

What is Face paint?

A non toxic Paint formula that has been designed for use as a Paint on human beings.  

What To Look For In A Good Quality Face paint

Non Toxic

These Face paints should not contain toxic chemicals or substances.

Easy application and removal

Face paints should be easy to apply and be easy to remove. Soap and water should be all you need to remove the Paint.

Resistance to cracking

They should should resist cracking, Some well known brands contain fillers which make these Paints thick and are applied as a thick layer. This causes the Paint to crack when subjected to movement.

Resistance To tearing when under stress

Again, Face Paint that has to be applied as a thick coating will be more likely to tear under stress.

Water and sweat Resistant

Good face Paints should be water and sweat resistant, but still easily removed with soap and water.

No chemical - cosmetic fillers

Adding Cosmetic fillers reduces the cost of making the face Paint, but on the negetive side, makes the Face paint thicker which results in cracking when dry. Calcium carbonate and Titanium Dioxide are often used in some Face Paint Brands.

Note: Titanium Dioxide is normally used in white face Paint. 

No added ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in some People

Some people have a contact allergy to imidazolidinyl urea causing dermatitis. Such people are often also allergic to diazolidinyl urea (1*).

Some makers of well known face and body paint use diazolidinyl urea. This acts as a preservative, but as noted on Wikipedia.org can cause dermatitis in some People.
It is worth noting that Face Paint made in Asia does not have the strict controls Australian paint Manufacturers must abide by. As with many other products they have previously been known to add cancer causing ingredients in their Paint.

Good colour intensity

Cosmetic fillers will generally reduce the colour intensity of these paints.

Body Paint Awesomeness - made buy one of our happy customers

Above image: Quality Face Paint Made By Glow Paint Industries uses Flexible Wax Technology for superior results

How To Avoid Poor Quality And Unhealthy Brands Of face paint.

Buy Australian made face and Body Paint.

Read the ingrdients listed on the Face Paint container. If you are unsure of any of the cosmetic ingredients used, reference them in wikipedia.org

Avoid Face paint that has to be applied as a thick coat. 

Final note: just like all paint, face Paint manufacture is evolving and better paints are being made each year.

Select a Paint made for the 21st, not a Paint developed back in the 80's that is unsuitable for todays demanding scenarios.

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1*  Reference Wikipedia diazolidinyl urea



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