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Don Burkes Glow in the Dark budgie party


Don Burke Hosts Glow in the Dark Budgie Party

TV personality Don Burke is hosting a Glow in the Dark Party to look at the spectacular ultra violet colours in budgies.

Under black UV lights in a dark room, budgies light up like Christmas trees.  Recent research has shown that budgerigar breeders have produced ever more spectacular colours in budgies.

Glow in the Dark parties at nightclubs and home parties both for adults and children are all the rage at the moment.  You can buy UVB acrylic paint sets, secret UV pens for secret messages, UV housepaint, UV invisible ink, UV body paints (non-toxic and safe) and portable black UV lights to make it all happen.

Don has brought all of this and UV budgies together for a party on 11 June at Mascot.  At the South Sydney Avicultural Society & BRASEA show, a special showing of glow in the dark budgies will occur.  You will be able to see the glowing budgies and also to buy some too.  On display and sale are the UV paints, pens, inks, body paints and black UV lights.

Kids and adults alike will have a great time and admission is free.  Don Burke did the research on the UV budgie varieties and will give a talk on the subject for those who attend. 

WHEN:  Saturday, 11 June – between 1 & 3pm

WHERE:  South Sydney Avicultural Society and Budgerigar Rare and Specialist Exhibitors Annual Show at:

Coronation Hall,

Cnr Coward St & Botany Rd



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