AirBrush Paint For Body Painting

AirBrush Paint For Body Painting By Glow Paint Industries is a new range of Face and Body Paints - inks specially made for use with airbrushes.

Testing AirBrush Paint For Body Painting

Above image: Testing Airbrush Paint on skin

They are made in Australia by us so we can assure you there are no dangerous chemicals used.

They are water based AirBrush Paints - Inks to help avoid nozzle block.

Apart from normal colours we will also offer UV BlackLight reactive AirBrushing Paints.

Contain sizes are 60ml - 250ml - 1 Litre - 5 Litre and 20 litre containers.

We will also offer colour packs.

Over time we will continue to release new colours to suit our customers needs.

Use AirBrush Paint For Body Painting at

Night clubs



Home Parties

Sporting events

 Advantages of using our AirBrush Body Paints - Inks are;

Made in Australia

Water based

Not flammable

Non clogging formula

Colours may be mixed to make new colours.

AirBrush Paint For Body Painting can be sent anywhere within Australia and also worldwide.

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