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Wax Based Face n Body Paint

New Wax Based Formula And Better Results Face And Body Paint

We have developed two new wax based Face and Body Paints that offer superior results.

Face and Body Paint - These paints are wax based making them both flexible and water - sweat resistant.

Use a brush, sponge or your finger to apply them.

Professional Range - Like most Professional Brands these Paints come as a solid Paint and need water to use them.

Being jam packed with colour Pigments and the need to use water to moisten them before application, means they will last many times more then other face and body paints.

Think of them as concentrated Face and Body Paint suitable for Painting large numbers of people.

Use a brush, sponge or your finger to apply them.

Both types are non toxic

A warning Note: Some manufacturers Of Face and Body Paint (including some Australian manufacturers) add ingredients like fillers, (to make Paint cheaper to produce, but creates a much thicker Paint coating that cracks like mud when stressed by movement) and Artificial Urea (artificial urine). 

We find this disguesting and assure you we do not add these cheap and nasty ingredients. 

Before buying any cosmetics including face abd Body Paint always read the ingedients listed on package if available. If you are unsure about any listed ingredient, then you can learn more about that ingredient from wikipedia.

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