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UV Face And Body Paints

Learn About UV Face And Body Paint


Above image: UV Face And Body Paint

These UV Reactive Face And Body Paints have a neon - fluro (neon) appearance in daylight, but if exposed to a UV Black Light source, they will appear to be glowing.

They can be manufactured and sold in both liquid or solid form.

They can be applied many different ways.

The most popular ways to apply to your skin is by paint brush, air brush, cotton wool, cotton bud, or finger.

Most are safe to use on skin and it is highly recommend that you ensure the UV Face and Body Paint you intend to use has zero potentially dangerous chemicals added.

Ask you retailer if he knows what chemicals are in the UV paints he or she sells, and if they do not  know, find a retailer who does know.

Would you by gold, from a seller who wasn't sure if the gold was true gold or was fools gold?

More information on UV Black lights

  • Some suppliers claim that Black lights can be harmful to your skin - cause skin cancer, and cause other negative effects. These suppliers follow the herd and write about the rubbish they read from other uninformed website. These UV Torches are safe to use. They do not produce the harmful wavelengths that solarium and other types of UV Lights Produce. If you are unsure about the UV light you intend to use you can phone us on 07 5483 9772 and we will point you in the right direction.
  • The UV light used in black lights normally have a wavelength of 360nm - 405 nm.
  • We believe the 400 watt UV Cannon UV Black Lights are the best UV Light to use with these Paints, but are suited to large venues, and not at home Glow In The Dark parties.
  • UV Fluorescent Black Lights that are ideal for home Parties are available from Woolworth's and bunnings
  • Wikipedia has a great article on UV Black Lights


Above image: 400 Watt UV Cannon Black Light

Who Uses UV Face And Body Paint?

  • People hosting UV Glow In The Dark parties
  • Night Clubs
  • Television Shows
  • DJ's and Solo Artists and Band Members
  • Universities, and their students


Above image: UV Glow Party Guest With UV Face And Body Paint

About Our Range Of Australian Made UV Face And Body Paints

We are the only manufacturer of UV Face And body Paint in Australia that also sell to the public..

Unlike other Paints that dry and then crack to look like cracked mud, we have designed our range to have superior elasticity when applied, so will help keep you looking good.

Our Paints are non toxic and being made in Australia by us) Glow Paint Industries) you can be assured they are safe for use on your skim.

We offer you a bigger range of colours than anyone else and are releasing new UV colours all the time.

Our UV Glow Paints are exported worldwide including New Zealand and Ibiza in Spain.

We supply the largest range of UV Face And Body Paint Colours available.



Above image: UV Face And Body Paint Colours

Specifications Of Our Australia Made Paints

  • Available in many colours
  • Non Toxic and safe to use.
  • Made In Australia, by an Australian company.
  • Dries like a thin skin layer, and not like Mud.
  • water soluble with no harmful chemicals added.
  • Suitable for air brushing when diluted with water



Above image:  Applying UV face And Body Paint Using Brush Applicators


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Learn How To Host A UV Party The Right Way


Click here to download the Fluro Party PDF checklist  (click on and hold down right mouse button and then select "save as")




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