Stop Thief Anti Theft Solution

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Product Overview

Stop Thief Anti Theft Solution By Glow Paint Industries

 Stop Thief Ant Theft Solution was made to help householders and businesses, identify and stop people from stealing or using objects without permission.

It will also help identify People that enter restricted areas.

Made in Australia using a thick waterproof Petro chemical gel combined with non visible UV reactive chemicals.


Stop thief Anti Theft Solution is waterproof and suitable for use in many outdoor locations.

How to Stop Thief Works

Just place a reasonable amount on an item where it wont be seen easily for example the back of the item.

The person will then grab the item, and the Stop thief will be on their hands.

The person will then rub off the stop thief or wash their hand thoroughly until their hand look clean.

But unlucky for them the invisible blue dye is still on their hands, and will remain their for a few days.

This gives ample time to check their hands with the supplied UV Black light torch provided.


Remember you can check sink basins, and clothing with the supplied UV Torch to check for signs of Stop Thief.

Other places to check are door handles, and door knobs

what you get

  • 30ml 60ml 100ml or 250ml jar of Stop Thief
  • 1 x 12 LED UV Black light torch
  • Information sheet

Specifications and Benefits Of Stop Thief

  •  hard to remove
  • and wont be noticed
  • will not be rubbed or washed off easily

comes with a handy document giving in-depth usage and applications for

Where to use Stop Thief

Tool rooms and home workshops

 tools on bench

Money containers

car - door handles


door handles

restricted areas

Not for use on food items

If you are interested in selling this unique product in your store please email us.

We are also looking for worldwide distributors.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review