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Raspberry PI First Boot

Read how I got my Raspberry PI 2 Model b working

Raspberry PI 2 Model B

Above image: Raspberry PI 2 Model B

If you are experiencing problems trying to boot your PI for the 1st time read this

I Purchased a Raspberry PI 2 model B a few weeks ago and have had major problems getting to to boot into the operating system.

I was trying to install NOOBS OS but the RPI (Raspberry PI) would not read from the Micro SD card.

You will know when the PI is not reading because the RED LED will stay lit, while the GREEN LED will flash a few times then stay off.

I decided to give the Raspian Download a try and it work fine.

The difference between the two types of OS you can download are,

With the NOOBS version you extract the files from a zip onto a formatted Micro SD card,

but with The Raspian version you extract a .img file (image file) on to the Micro SD card.

Give the above solution a try and see if it works for you and remember the Raspberry PI website and community are there to help and advise you.