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Instant Body Art

Creating Beautiful Body Art Has Never Been So Much Fun

Introducing our new Instant Body Art Paint range.

Available in both normal Paint colours and, Black Light reactive instant art colours.

Perfect for Night Clubs, Festivals, street parades and home Parties.

No two Body Art will be the same.

Available in 125ml - 250ml - 500ml and larger sizes

Apart from dipping your arms into the special Body Paints, other items, for example craft items can be dipped into the Instant Paint solution to create spectacular visual effects.

Daytime Colours Of Instant Body Art

 Perfect for daytime events like music festivals the range of colours is very good.

Even black should be used as it produces colour contrast when next to other lighter colours.

UV Blacklight Reactive Instant Body Art

Our range of 10 UV Blacklight reactive colours will allow you to add colours from all over the UV colour spectrum.

Again Black should be considered even though it isn't Blacklight reactive. It will help to give good colour contrast

How To Use Instant Body Art range

  1. Select the colours you want for your instant tattoo.
  2. Carefully add the Body Art colours in a container.
  3. Dip your arms slowly into the colours solution and then remove them.
  4. Allow to dry.

Finished, It's done.

You now have a beautiful temporary tattoo.

 These Paints come with full instructions of how to use and get the best possible Instant Tattoo effect.

We also supply a website link to instructional videos to help you gain the best results

These Pharmaceutical grade Paints are safe to use and if the supplied instructions are adhered to will be easy to remove.