Glow In The Dark And Reflective Tape

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Glow in the Dark and Reflective Tape Photo luminescent (Glow in the Dark) and reflective tape is a new type of Reflective light tape.

If there is light available, it will reflect the light; and when there isn't any available light, it will glow in the dark, for an extended period of time.

Because it can reflect light as well as illuminate, it has become very popular.

It is not the normal papery type of reflective tape; It is made from flexible vinyl and ideal to be sewn on protective clothing etc.

It will last many times longer than the older types of reflective tape, in most situations.

It is the perfect choice for coal mines, emergency services, and night workers whom need to be seen easily and in all circumstances, for example local council employees working during the night in public areas


(No reviews yet) Write a Review