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Glow Halloween Ideas

Glow Halloween Ideas

More How To Make Glow In The Dark Halloween Goodies

Since we wrote the original Glow In The dark tutorial a few yesrs ago, our Product range has expended as so has our knowledge.

So here are some of our new products and how to use them in your Halloween Theme.

Glow Sticks

  1. Hang them from Trees or your clothes.Use them as extremely long ear rings

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EL Wire

  1. Buy some Cardboard and cut it out to the shape of a headstone. Then run EL wire around the outside of the cutout headstone. Creative people could also make RIP using the EL wire

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UV Reactive face And Body Paint

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UV Glow Paint

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LED Flickering Candles

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Photo Luminescent Photograph Paper

  1. Print a scary faces or other images, cut them out and stick them to a wall and turn the lights off.
  2. Cut out in shape of a headstone and write R.I.P. with a Black Texta.
  3. You could also cut out shapes like a skeleton, and hang from a tree or your ceiling..

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LED Ice Cubes

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Did you know?

  • Glow in the Dark and Halloween are made for each other..
  • Glow in the dark Products can reduce electricity bills
  • Our Glow products have been shown on television.