Fibre Optic Glow Party Necklace

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Product Overview

Fibre Optic Glow Party Necklaces light up giving a continual glow effect arround your neck

Great for glow parties, raves, clubbing and many other special occassions.

These are perfect for Bar staff and product promotions as you can clip on your ID card onto the clip at the bottom of the unit. See photos for more understanding.

This is a great way to gain attenion at special promotion events.


Fibre Optic Glow Party Necklaces - Features and Specifications

  • Fibre optic technology

  • Battery operated

  • Turn on or off by pressing the battery case

  • Batteries may be replaced by removing the top cover (two tiny screws)

  • Four modes of operation - OFF - Continually ON - Flashing Fast - Slower Flashing


Product Notes 

Large orders may be purchased at wholesale price MQO apply.

Before using these fibre Optic Glow Party Necklaces for the first time you will need to slide out and disguard the tag protruding from the battery.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review